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  • Conscious You | Conscious YiY | 2020

    A Story on Conscious Living

    Conscious You | Conscious YiY

    On the verge of a decade it is a perfect moment to retreat and reflect. And with that it comes to mind easily that we all have to step up and start living more consciously to keep our world ánd our minds healthy in the future. We all know that we need to change things for the better (although some of us are still in denial). Listening to an inspiring speech of Jane Goodall in The Netherlands, she is a great advocate of hope to many: “What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

    How is YiY making conscious and sustainable choices to keep our world a bit more healthy? And when it comes to a more healthy mind, what could you do? In that respect I also want to share an editorial published by Positive Luxury telling my very personal story on recovering from a burnout and the lessons I learned to keep my mind healthy.

    Live Life Consciously & YiY

    Living Life Consciously is sourcing responsibly. YiY sources all material as local as possible, thereby reducing transport and Co2 emissions. About 90% of all products are produced and sourced in Europe. Materials are traced back to its source to the maximum extent. Also production takes place in Europe, in a small family atelier in Spain.


    All YiY handbags are custom lined with GOTS certified eco cotton gabardine. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backened up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.
    The lining is custom and inspired by photography of water and air, symbolizing inner freedom when you look inside your bag. From a functional, durable point of view the lining is not too dark so you can still find everything and not too light so it is easier to clean!


    Connecting to and Honouring Nature.

    Living Life Consciously is connecting with (your) nature. Nature is always in flow and finds its balance. Its continuing cycles connect life and death. Nature can strike you with its intricacy and yet its simple logic and functionality. And nature embraces organic forms and expresses both power and elegance. Antler is a great symbol from nature representing this all. 


    With respect for life, YiY uses only shed antler as antler is shed and grows back again every year, following the cycles of nature. It is expressing both power and organic elegance. And while the inside is a very intricate maze, the majestic outside serves female deer to find their best mating partner.
    All antler is found in the European woods and used by YiY and handcrafted into beautiful tokens In Amsterdam. A very personal and intimate token honouring the deer that has worn it for one year.



    YiY knows its suppliers and only works with suppliers that have sustainability close at heart. We ask for Certificates and Codes of Conduct contributing to a process of continuous improvement in the area of sustainable and conscious practices. Have a look at certificates and special sustainable Initiatives that apply to or are undertaken by YiY suppliers and feel free to ask for more information.


    YiY bags are handmade in a small family atelier in Spain with an incredible tradition and craftmanship with the ‘weave’ being the epitome of their dedication and eye for detail, as shown in this video.
    YiY works consciously and respectfully with leather. Only because we still choose to eat meat, only because we treat an animal with respect by using each and every part in the best way, only because leather is an incredible beautiful and durable material, and only because we work with tanneries with the highest sustainability standards.



    Live Life Consciously & You

    How wonderful and at peace the world would look like is everyone's mind was healthy and conscious? Able to reflect and not be totally carried away by emotions, in touch with your heart and at peace with yourself. Below you find some practices and tips that can help you on a path to a more conscious mind. They help me every day!



    Yoga is a wonderful practice and philosophy that brings ‘Living Life Consciously’ so alive and a beautiful way to connect and deepen your connection with Your Inner You. Living a conscious life is more than making conscious choices in the outside world....


    Part of The Wim Hof method is a very powerful breathing exercise that has proven to have positive effects on the physical body and has the capacity the grow your consciousness. “We have to bring back the power of the mind, the way nature intended it” (Wim Hof aka 'The Iceman'). A great way to connect to nature, to Your Inner You!


    Conscious Living is greatly enhanced if you meditate on a regular basis. Even a couple of minutes a day can have positive effects on your wellbeing and connection to your mind, to Your Inner You. A powerful practice of reflection and acceptance. Give it a try and just do it, absolutely no skills are needed and everyone can. There are many guided meditations found online to help you getting started.


    Enjoy the moment and connect with Your Inner You,

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